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Image Technologies provide printer drivers for the following:


Ricoh NC5006, NC5106, NC5206
Sharp AR-C860, AR-C861, AR-C862
Infotec 7303, 7316, 7316E
Nashuatec 406
Savin SDC 206
Xerox Majestik, Regal, Empress, Countess
Canon CLC700, CLC800, CLC900, CLC950, CLC1150, CLC1130, CLC1120
Oce 3107, 3108, CS90, CS95
Kodak 1560, 1565
Agfa 707, 907
Minolta CF900, CF910
Mita CI7500, Mita CI7600
Utax 7723
Konica 7723, 7823
Pitney Bowes CD 6000

High Speed Monochrome Laser Copiers

Minolta Di620
Sharp AR 5040

Large Format Printers

Brady 54
ColorSpan 8 and XII
Calcomp Techjet 175i, 5500
Epson 9000 9500 7000 7500
Encad Novajet I/II
Encad Novajet III/IV/Pro/Pro50/PROe42/PROe60
Encad Novajet PROe 600
Encad Novajet PRO 500 630 700 850
Encad Croma24
First Total Inkjet
HP 350/350C/450C DesignJet
HP 750/750C DesignJet
HP 2000CP/2500CP DesignJet
HP 3000CP/3500CP DesignJet
HP 5000 DesignJet
Mutoh Falcon 4100
Mutoh Albatross
Mimaki JV-1300 TX1600
Roland HIFI Jet
Roland CAMMJet
Seiko 4500
Xerox VivagrafX


Ultre 72P, 94P, 72E, 94E, 3000, 4000, Vision 300, 400
ExxtraSetter 300, ExxtraSetter Exxpress, 300, ExxtraSetter Maxxima
ULTRE/ExxtraSetter with SCSI built-in
Agfa StudioSet 2000, Agfa ProSet 9400, 9600, 9700, 9800, 9550, 9836
Agfa AccuSet 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, Agfa Avantra 20, 25, 36, 44
Linotype Capstan 200, 230, 260, 300, 330, 500, 530, 560
ECRM VR30, VR36 HS, VR45 HS, KnockOut 4550
ECRM with SCSI built-in
Screen FTR3035, FTR3050
Varityper 5300B
ScanGraphic Largo, Tempo, Othello
Most OEM Hyphen, Birmy, Fuji, MonoType, Optronics, Triple-I, Berthold, Bacher, Autologic

Large Format Thermal Printers

Summagraphics Summachrome

Photographic Printers

Fuji Pictrography 3000
Sienna FotoPrint 1000/2000/5000

Film Recorders to 4,000 lines

SMGI Sapphire/Solitaire 4/Opal

Film Recorders to 8,000 lines

Agfa Matrix Forte
Imapro QCR-Zi
Management Graphics Solitaire 8K

Film Recorders to 16000 lines

Agfa Alto

Sublimation Printers

Mitsubishi S3610/S3600/S6600
Shinko S845

Small Format Inkjet

Epson Stylus Pro
Canon BJC8500

Electrostatic Plotters

Calcomp 6836/6844
Oce 2400/3600/5500/5010
Raster Graphics - all models
Xerox ColorgrafX 8936/8944/8954 - all series

Thermal Film Setters - 400dpi

CalComp EcoGrafx


High Resolution TIFF Writer